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Using diverse and collective voices to provide quality client services and marketing solutions, while offering an environment for enrichment, growth and social enthusiasm. 


Christa Merix

Director of Client Relations and Marketing 

Christa Merix is a marketing executive and currently serves as associate brand manager for Revlon. Christa is passionate for her  community, and specializes in creating opportunities, solutions and campaigns that impact the african american community and encourage economic growth & progression. Christa assists entrepreneurs, businesses and brands with the same goals to communicate their products & purpose to their respective communities as well.


Tabitha Higgs

Director of Public and Goverment Relations 

Tabitha has spent almost a decade working with companies and clients to reach their core objectives by conceptualizing and implementing innovative strategies. She leverages her experience in corporate and grass roots projects to allow her to successfully contribute to increased growth. Tabitha's expertise lies in increasing exposure through curated public relations strategies and executing high level marketing campaigns, both organic and paid.


Winnae Bean

Creative Director 

Winnae Bean serves as the Creative Director specializing in digital marketing, web design, branding and graphic design, social media management, and other creative services. Winnae graduated, Valedictorian, from Edward Waters College in December of 2019. Winnae has over a decade of experience in Marketing, Foreign Language Translation and Education, Finance, Business Management and Operations, Hospitality, and Tourism.  Winnae has made her mission to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized business owners brand and market themselves professionally, attractively, and affordably, all so that they can have a fair opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

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